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  • Genesis
  • Modem
  • LAN
  • Cable
  • ADSL
  • Serveurs
  • IRC
  • FTP
  • HTTP PowerWeb
  • HTTP Apache/PHP
  • NFS
  • passerelle
  • Proxy
  • Samba
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  • VNC
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    En fait, et comme je suis assés fénéant, voici la partie réseau "pas encore traduite" d'une page qui s'apelle Amiga Connexion.

    • ASP Cyborg`s Amiga Security Page
    TCP/IP Stack
    • Miami (Easy modem/ethernet dialup w/ one interface) shareware/commerical
    • AmiTCP/Genesis commercial
    • Miami Deluxe (More powerful w/ multiple interfaces) shareware/commercial
    • Termite TCP commercial
    • mlink (emulates a SLIP connection, requires shell access on ISP) freeware?
    HTTP Web Server Networking
    • Envoy 3 commercial
    • ParNet (parallel port networking) freeware
    • SerNet (serial port networking) freeware
    • Siamese (serial or ethernet) commercial
    • Samba (share files/printers etc with Windows PCs) freeware
    • MagPLIP freeware
    • ProNet (parallel port networking) freeware
    • SMB-Connect (suite of utilities for networking to Windows PCs) freeware
    • VVA (VNC viewer for Amiga [Virtual Network Computing]) freeware?
    • AVNC (VNC server for Amiga [Virtual Network Computing]) freeware?
    • AmiVNC (another VNC project) freeware?
    • Portal Opening 2 (remote administration tool similar to PC utility "PC Anywhere") screenshots freeware
    • cnet.device (PCMCIA Network Card driver for modems/ethernet) freeware
    • pcmser.device (PCMCIA modem driver) freeware
    • Back Orifice (virtual control by network of Windows95/98) freeware
    • Netbus (remote administration and spy tool) freeware
    • YAM freeware
    • Thor (email/newsreader) shareware
    • VooDoo commercial
    • AirMail Pro commercial
    • Iris shareware
    • StarGate (PPC MIME encoding/decoding) (email/newreader)(formerly commercial) freeware
    • Eucalyptus shareware
    • AEMail shareware
    • Amiga PINE freeware/LI>
    • Amiga ELM freeware
    • Mutt (powerful text-based MIME mail client) freeware
    Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) for your E-Mail WWW Browser
    • IBrowse 2.x commercial
    • Voyager 3.x shareware
    • AWeb II 3.x commercial
    • ALynx (Amigatized version out of development but still good?) freeware
    • Lynx (on AmiNet based on newer versions) freeware

    • Note: There are several new browsers in development, and iBrowse, Voyager, and AWeb have new versions out now.
    IRC Clients IRC Daemons (Servers)
    • UnrealIRCd (Advanced IRC Daemon Based On Elite-IRCD) freeware
    • More Coming soon...
    Newsreader CUSeeMe Chat/TALK
    • AmiComSys shareware
    • AmTALK shareware
    • AmiAIM (formerly 'Aimcik')(AOL Instant Messenger client) freeware
    • AmigAIM (AOL Instant Messenger client) freeware
    • gegAIM (AOL Instant Messenger client) freeware
    • AmTelnet (SSH support) shareware
    • NaspaTerm (newer version included with AmiTCP) freeware
    • MiamiTelnet (requires Miami Deluxe)(SSH support)
    • TelSer.device (use any terminal program for telnet) freeware?
    FTP Clients
    • SimpleFTP shareware
    • AmFTP shareware
    • mFTP (old) shareware
    • FTPmount (Use FTP sites as if on your hard drive) shareware?
    • AmiFTP shareware
    • MiamiFTP (requires Miami Deluxe)
    • mFTP II (upgrade discount offer from AmFTP) shareware
    • GoFetch! (similar to Go!Zilla or FileHound for the PC - FTP/HTTP client) shareware
    • AmiTradeCenter (ATC) freeware
    FTP Daemons (Servers)
    • AmiFTPd shareware
    • More coming soon...
    Terminal (dial up your local BBS's)
    • VLT freeware?
    • term (multi-archive) shareware?
    • AmTerm shareware
    • Termite commercial
    • NComm shareware?
    Webcam Viewer ICQ BBS Systems Fax Software Miscellaneous Internet
    • FACTS (GUI based clock synchronisation program - SNTP) freeware
    • Amster (Napster mp3-sharing client) freeware
    • aNapster (Napster mp3-sharing client) freeware?
    • Weather Experience (keep track of your weather) shareware
    • TaskiSMS (Short Message Service client - Send SMS messages to cellphones and other devices)

    Ethernet Card Input/Output Cards (serial/parallel/etc)

    Copyright (C) AmigaEnReseau 2oo2